Affiliate Meeting Request Form

Guidelines for Affiliated Activities

Any activity, event, or meeting that is held during Live Valves 2019 and targeted towards or includes any participants of Live Valves 2019 is considered an affiliated activity and must be approved by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF).

Organizations (commercial companies, not-for-profit groups, government agencies, etc.) that wish to hold meetings of any size or nature in any location during Live Valves 2019 that are targeted to conference attendees must complete the appropriate applications for their activity, be approved, and comply with the guidelines. Affiliated activity guidelines are subject to change.

Please note: 

  1. Access to the Live Valves 2019 approved promotional opportunities and attendee list is not permitted for the promotion of affiliated activities.
  2. One application must be completed for each meeting. Applications with more than 1 meeting listed will not be accepted and may delay the application process.
  3. The sponsor of the affiliated meeting is liable for any injuries or accidents to people or property while conducting ancillary functions.
  4. Signage for the affiliated activity is only permitted directly outside of the assigned meeting room. Directional signs, advertisements, banners, etc. are not permitted in the hotel lobby or convention center.
  5. Affiliated activity decisions will be e-mailed approximately 1 week following the receipt of the application.

To be approved, affiliated activities must: 

  • Support and be consistent with the scientific nature of Live Valves 2019
  • Be directed towards Live Valves 2019 participants; affiliated activity sponsors and participants must be Live Valves 2019 registrants
  • Not conflict with or detract from the official Live Valves 2019 scientific program (see blacked out times below)
  • Be approved by CRF

Acceptable activities are: 

  • Scientific Advisory Board meetings
  • Scientific investigator meetings
  • Advisory Board meetings
  • Committee meetings
  • Executive meetings
  • Specific study (investigator) meetings
  • Staff meetings

In general, the following activities are not permitted during Live Valves 2019: 

  • Scientific, educational, and/or speaker-driven symposia or lectures not sponsored by Live Valves 2019
  • Exhibits (from commercial companies and non-commercial companies)
  • The distribution of any promotional material (e.g., fliers, room drops)
  • Commercial banners 

These guidelines are meant to provide guidance for affiliated activity sponsors or hosts. If you have any questions about whether your activity would be considered an affiliated activity requiring approval, contact Fernanda Swan at .

Meeting Blackout Times

Affiliated activities may not be held during the following times (times are subject to change):

  • Monday, December 9, 2019 – 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019 – 6:15 AM - 5:45 PM

Companies may conduct affiliated meetings at any hotel upon application approval. Once approval is granted, the organization must work directly with the hotel/venue to make arrangements for the proposed meeting. All costs associated with the function (e.g., room rental, food, beverage, audiovisual equipment, and labor) are the responsibility of the affiliated activity sponsor.

Personnel Meetings During Live Valves 2019 Hours

Personnel meetings may be held at any time during Live Valves 2019 if attendance is limited to that organization’s representatives. Physician attendees are strictly prohibited from participating in these meetings. Potential violations of Live Valves 2019’s Affiliated Activities Rules and Guidelines will be reviewed and sanctions may be applied if relevant. Please see “Consequences for Noncompliance” below for more information.

Important note: CRF requests that Live Valves 2019 faculty members not commit to conflicting speaking engagements. Live Valves 2019 faculty responsibilities and obligations to the official program take precedence over all other speaking arrangements at the meeting. Live Valves 2019 faculty members participating in any such conflicting event are subject to having their faculty status revoked, including any reimbursement of expenses otherwise authorized.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

If an affiliated activity is found to have violated the above Guidelines for Affiliated Activities, the sponsoring organization, the supporting organization, and the organizer of the meeting may:

  • Be prohibited from holding an affiliated activity at future CRF conferences
  • Have their current registration revoked
  • Be subject to fines and damages
  • Negatively impact the registration/status/attendance of those attending an unapproved affiliated activity 

As noted above, Live Valves 2019 faculty members participating in any such event or found to otherwise be in non-compliance with these guidelines are subject to have their faculty status revoked including any reimbursement of expenses otherwise authorized.