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The CRF Events App is the essential guide to all conferences brought to you by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. In the Initial Home Screen, you’ll find all CRF events listed in chronological order. To open any event, click on a “Card” and the event will launch  

Live Valves 2019

From the Home screen and right sliding menu, you can access everything you need to get the most out of the app while you are at Live Valves 2019.

Search the Program and Plan Your Schedule

The CRF Events App is designed to help you easily search the event program and plan your schedule during all our conferences.

Browsing the Program:

You can access the Live Valves program:

  • The home feed cards provide you with “Live Valves" cards related to what is coming next. TCTMD News, displays news relevant to the conference.
  • Tap the “Program” icon on the app bottom menu or via the right sliding menu.

To Browse by Day:

  • Selecting a day will show all sessions available during that particular day of the event. You can then scroll through all presentations listed under any session of your choice.

To Browse by Specific Session:

  • Select a specific session to view a list of available presentations.
  • To Search the Program:
  • You can access the search function from the app home screen or the program’s main page.
  • In the program, select the magnifying glass icon. Type in a keyword and tap “Enter” to bring up a list of results.

To Plan Your Schedule:

  • You can “Star” or “Favorite” sessions or presentations you are interested in attending. These are collected in your My Live Valves section.
  • Tap the “My Live Valves” icon the right sliding menu and select “Schedule.” Your starred sessions are listed here in chronological order.

My Live Valves: Plan Your Live Valves Experience

The CRF Events App can help you plan your time while you are at any of our conferences. It can be easily personalized with your favorite sessions, presentations, slides, speakers, places, and more.

  • As you browse through the Live Valves Event Guide, tapping a heart will “favorite” the session, speaker, or attendee and file them into your My Live Valves section.
  • These are automatically organized by type: sessions,  people, places, and slides.
  • To access your favorites, choose the “My Live Valves” icon in the app bottom menu or via the left sliding menu.